Safeguards implementation

The purpose of safeguards implementation is to verify States’ obligations under their respective safeguards agreements with the IAEA.

Safeguards implementation is based on an annual cycle. It comprises four fundamental processes that include the:

  • collection and evaluation of all safeguards-relevant information;
  • development of a safeguards approach for a State;
  • planning, conduct and evaluation of safeguards activities; and
  • drawing of safeguards conclusions.

At the end of this cycle, the safeguards conclusions drawn by the IAEA provide assurance to the international community that States are abiding by their safeguards obligations under those agreements. 

In focus

The IAEA monitors nuclear material and facilities around the world to provide credible assurances that nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes. Over 800 people work at the IAEA Department of Safeguards, each bringing their own unique skills and background. This photo essay highlights six of our staff members: two inspectors, a systems engineer, a spectrometry specialist, a safeguards containment engineer and an IT systems analyst. These are just some of the faces of safeguards who work to make sure that the IAEA fulfils its mission.
Photo Essay

Faces of Safeguards

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