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IAEA Library

The IAEA Library supports research activities by providing a specialized collection of nuclear information on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and its applications. The library meets the needs of its users through a variety of library services and coordinates the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN), a consortium of nuclear libraries and organizations.

Resource sharing and the provision of nuclear information services are central to the IAEA Library’s mandate. Up-to-date and reliable print, electronic and audio-visual information resources are made available to IAEA staff, Member States’ permanent missions in Vienna, and official IAEA meeting participants. While the library’s main target audience is IAEA staff members, it also provides support to government organizations, nuclear research institutes and laboratories and their affiliated researchers, as well as nuclear information centres and libraries in IAEA Member States.

Users from around the world can search the library’s collection for books, periodicals, technical reports, standards, audio-visual materials and article citations through its online catalogue. Some material may be available through interlibrary loan.

Library Information Services

Founded in 1957, the IAEA Library specializes in the collection, preservation and dissemination of information in all areas of nuclear energy, thus supporting the IAEA’s programmatic activities. The library offers expert research and personalized information services to its external users, including:

  • Loan services, either directly at the library for Member States’ permanent missions in Vienna, or by lending information resources to Member States’ libraries through its inter-library loan service, including document delivery of reports and journals published by the IAEA.
  • Access to electronic information resources, including databases and journals as well as on-site access to full-text subscription articles.
  • Research support, by formulating advanced search strategies to ensure comprehensive and accurate results for user requests.
  • Individual or group orientation sessions and customized workshops covering the library’s resources and services.

Access to the IAEA Library is granted based on user affiliation and research need. Please request access through our visitor information page

Networking and Resource Sharing

The International Nuclear Library Network (INLN), coordinated by the IAEA Library, is a global forum for nuclear libraries, information centres and other relevant organizations that share similar information management and research missions. It fosters resource sharing and cooperation, and promotes best practices within, as well as beyond, the library profession.

Since its initial years when the network was established in 2005, the number of participating members has been steadily increasing, enabling the network to maximize its resource usage and deliver lasting value to its members. Currently, the network counts 58 members from 39 IAEA Member States. 

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