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International Conference on Research Reactors: Achievements, Experience and the Way to a Sustainable Future

27 November – 1 December 2023, Dead Sea, Jordan

Conference on Research Reactors: Achievements, Experience and the Way to a Sustainable Future 2023

The deadlines for submissions through INDICO, as well as Form B and C via InTouch+ has been extended to 9 May 2023


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has promoted and fostered exchange of scientific and technical information on research reactors for many years. An important mechanism for this exchange has been the periodic meetings, seminars, symposia and conferences organized by the IAEA. In recent years, the Agency has organized major international conferences on topics of interest to the research reactor community every four years. The last such meeting was the International Conference on Research Reactors: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities to Ensure Effectiveness and Sustainability, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2019.

Since the 1950s, research reactors have been centres of innovation and development for nuclear science and technology programmes around the world. Research reactors primarily produce neutrons, rather than generate power, for utilization in research, education and training, as well as for other applications in areas such as industry, medicine and agriculture. In addition to the currently operating research reactors, a number of new research reactor programmes are being planned and developed. Feedback from IAEA activities demonstrates the importance of highlighting the achievements of research reactors and exchanging experiences that contribute to a sustainable future where research reactors continue to positively impact society. Ensuring safety, security, adequate resources, managing ageing of the facilities and strategic planning, all lead to effective and sustainable operation and utilization. Challenges include effective leadership and management, spent fuel management, and the need to establish nuclear infrastructure for new research reactor programmes.

In the above context, IAEA is organizing this international conference on research reactors, which will be hosted by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC). Like earlier IAEA conferences on research reactors, the forthcoming one will play a vital role in the national and international efforts to ensure maximization of benefits to society, with a primary focus on the achievements, experience and the way to a sustainable future for these facilities.


The objective of the Conference is to foster exchange of information on operating and planned research reactors. It is a forum in which reactor operators, managers, users, regulators, designers and suppliers can share experience in all relevant areas including safety, security, operation, fuel front and back-end options, utilization, infrastructure and capacity building, and management, and showcase how achievements and experience attained with research reactors in these areas, contribute to a sustainable future.

Format and Topics

A preliminary programme will be made available on the conference web page (see Section M) well in advance of the conference. The final programme and the Book of Extended Synopsis will be available upon registration at the conference.

The conference will consist of an opening plenary session, 7 topical sessions, and a closing plenary session. In addition, a forum on IAEA activities and services on enhancing research reactor safety, security, and operation and maintenance as well as on utilization of high-power research reactors in material testing are scheduled as conference side meetings.

To meet its objectives, the conference will include:

  • Presentations by the invited keynote speakers
  • Presentations to highlight specific areas within each topical session and stimulate discussion among conference participants
  • Posters presentations that present state-of-the-art information and knowledge in the topical area.

While most papers will focus on one of the principle topical areas below, authors are encouraged to consider integration with the other areas as applicable.


  1. Utilization and Applications of Research Reactors
  2. Research Reactor Operation and Maintenance
  3. New Research Reactor programmes
  4. Safety of Research Reactors
  5. Security of Research Reactors
  6. Research Reactor Fuel Management
  7. Common Management Considerations for Research Reactors

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