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Advanced Reactors Information System (ARIS)

The IAEA's Advanced Reactors Information System (ARIS) is a web-accessible database that provides Members States with balanced, comprehensive and up-to-date information about advanced nuclear plant designs and concepts. 

Member States, both those considering their first nuclear power plant and those with an existing nuclear power programme, are interested in having ready access to the most up-to-date information about all available nuclear power plant designs, as well as important development trends. ARIS was developed to meet this need. It includes reactors of all sizes and all reactor types, from evolutionary nuclear plant designs for near term deployment, to innovative reactor concepts still under development.

Resource Information

Quality Level Authoritative: its content is provided by reactor vendors and designers and is reviewed by the IAEA staff, the appropriate IAEA Technical Working Groups and external experts
Completeness Selective: Information is provided voluntarily by reactor vendors and designers and may not cover all designs
Update Frequency Occasionally
Last Resource Update 2012 - Aug
Subject Nuclear Power Infrastructure; Nuclear Power
Organizational Source Nuclear Energy
Data Type Reports
Keywords Light water reactor; heavy water reactor; gas cooled reactor; fast reactor
Contact Point Contact email
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